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Tips for Controlling Fire Ants on Your Property

Fire Ant
Some household pests are destructive to your home and others spread disease or are just annoying. Fire ants are somewhat unique in that they can both damage your home by chewing wiring and also be a danger to your family and pets.
If you've ever been stung by a fire ant, you know how painful it is. What's worse is that you usually get stung by multiple ants when they swarm. A swarm of the stinging insects can kill a small pet, so when the ants move into your yard, they pose a serious threat.
You want to get rid of fire ants fast so your kids and pets stay safe. Here are some tips for dealing with fire ants indoors and outdoors.

Killing Fire Ants Outdoors

Fortunately, fire ant mounds are usually large and easy to spot. If your home is on a small lot, you might only have one mound to deal with. But if you have a large yard, you might have several mounds. Whether you have one or several, you should let a professional exterminator treat them for best results.
A exterminator will choose the right treatment to apply that won't negatively affect your landscaping, and they will do it in a way that has the best chance of killing the queen. The queen must be killed or the colony will rebuild.
One method of controlling fire ants is to treat the entire lawn with bait. This can be done with a spreader that tosses bait all around your lawn. The ants take the bait back to the colony, which will kill off other ants and eventually the queen.
This method can be used along with applying liquid pesticide on individual ant mounds. By applying the bait once or twice each year, you may keep fire ant colonies from returning. However, it will probably take several weeks for the baits to eliminate an active ant infestation.

Getting Rid of Fire Ants in Your House

Your fire ant problem becomes serious when fire ants invade your house. They might come in searching for food and moisture. Once inside, they could build a nest between your walls and be a constant danger. However, you don't want to start spraying the ants or putting baits in your home without thinking things through.
Using bait could lure in more ants, which you don't want to do. But spraying the perimeter of the house could force the ants to stay indoors, which you don't want either. Instead, the indoor colony should be found and treated so the ants are wiped out and not just driven deeper into your home.
Spraying a trail of ants with pesticide will kill them, but it won't harm the queen or the nest. Plus, you may expose your family to harmful chemicals for very little gain by using contact spray on ant trails.
Pesticide chosen and applied by a professional keeps your family safe while you battle the ants. A pest control expert is a big help in determining how to battle fire ants indoors effectively and safely.

Keeping Fire Ants Out of Your House

You may not be able to kill every fire ant on your property, and since fire ants are so common in South Carolina, you should take steps to keep them outdoors where they belong. Seal all the tiny gaps and cracks around your home so the ants can't get through.
Repair dripping water pipes and drains so there is no moisture in your home to attract the ants. Also, be sure to sweep up crumbs and seal food so the ants won't have a food source indoors. These steps also keep out other bugs as well, so they are good habits to develop.
If you've spotted a fire ant mound in your yard or you've seen the ants crawling inside your home, call All State Exterminating Co for quick help. We'll apply the right treatments to kill off the fire ants and work with you to prevent their return.


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